Maritime Security & Anti-Piracy Services

Nemesis provides an extensive range of Maritime Security & Anti Piracy services providing professional solutions for both commercial and private vessels. Our Maritime Security Teams have extensive experience operating in both military and high risk commercial maritime environments.

Maritime Piracy is on the increase and presents a high risk to all shipping companies on a global scale. Modern day pirates target vessels ranging from Oil Tankers and Cargo Ships to Ocean Going Cruise Liners and Private Yachts. It is imperative that a vessel has the ability to protect its crew, passengers, cargo and the vessel itself when under attack as assistance from Naval warships is unlikely.

Nemesis deploys highly trained Maritime Security Teams from the Royal Marines, British Army and Royal Navy. Our partner company, Nemesis Watchguard Maritime Limited which is based in Sri Lanka has the ability to provide UK and Sri Lankan combined Anti Piracy Teams which maintains the highest standards at a cost effective price.

Individual Security Personnel have operational experience in all theatres of warfare including maritime ranging from Fleet Protection and Armed Ships Boarding Parties to Oil Installation Protection and Anti Smuggling Duties.

Maritime Security Teams include Armed Security Personnel plus highly qualified STCW95 Ships Security Officers, Company Security Officers, Port Facilities Security Officers, Maritime Intelligence and Electronic Countermeasures Specialists such as Magnetic Audio Device (MAD) Operators, operating to the International Ship & Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code which is an amendment to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention.

We believe Nemesis Maritime Security Teams operating in the Gulf of Aden and the Far East are second to none because of their extensive Military Operational experience, Private Maritime Security experience and their professional code of conduct which is enforced by Nemesis Management.

Services include:
  • Maritime Security Teams
  • Maritime Anti Piracy Teams
  • Anti Piracy Consultants
  • Maritime Threat Assessments
  • Maritime Vessel Recovery
  • Maritime Terrorism Prevention Consultants
  • Company Security Officers (ISPS)
  • Ship Security Officers (ISPS)