Surveillance, Asset Protection & Asset Recovery

Successful Security Operations rely on good intelligence which is required for accurate Risk Assessment & Security Planning. Much of this intelligence is acquired by Covert Surveillance.

Nemesis provides Surveillance Teams who have gained their experience from both Military and Private Security operations. This experience enables them to gather precise information which enables both Security and Asset Protection/Recovery Teams to operate safely and efficiently.

Vast quantities of company assets are stolen every year including plant machinery, high value motor vehicles, boats, aircraft and various other commodities. Insurgents and Criminal Cartels blatantly steal company assets. Fraudulent companies acquire assets then change their company names and location leaving the supplier without their assets or payment for those assets. This can have a devastating effect on even the most affluent of businesses.

It is always preferable to prevent loss by implementing an effective security operation, however for the Security Operation to be successful it is vital for the Security Team to be in possession of the necessary intelligence to combat any threat which may exist. Nemesis will gather intelligence on potential threats using advanced technology and present the client with a full report with resolving actions required to maximise the efficiency of the Security Operation.

Unfortunately, even with the best planning, assets can still be stolen or damaged.

Nemesis has the capability to deploy highly experienced Asset Recovery, Asset Protection and Surveillance Teams which are recruited from Special Forces, Elite Military and Marine Units trained in Close Target Recognisance and Private Investigation.

Nemesis Asset Recovery Teams will track such assets and valuable commodities on land and sea to any location in the world then oversee their recovery.