Private Security Detail (PSD), Force Protection & Convoy Escort

International Business Corporations, Exploration Companies, Construction Projects, Contractors and Logistic Transport Companies operating in hostile environments are at risk from ever increasing threats from Terrorists, Insurgents, Hostile Militias, Organised Criminal Cartels, Pirates and Kidnappers.

When there is a risk of attack, high value theft, kidnapping, assassination or sabotage, protection from a highly trained, professional, Private Security Detail comprising of experienced ex Military personnel recruited from Elite Units is vital.

Nemesis deploys highly trained ex Military Private Security Details who have operational experience in all theatres of operations including Conventional Warfare, Insurgencies and Restricted Rules of Engagement.

Private Security Details include Combat Specialists from Special Forces, Elite Forces and NATO Military Personnel including, Desert/Jungle/Cold Weather/Maritime/Airborne/Armoured Combat Units, Specialist Weapons, Snipers, EOD, Combat Engineers, Medics, Counter Terrorism Experts, Hostage Extraction, Military Instructors, Intelligence Specialists and Communication Experts.

Nemesis also has a 'Third Country National' capability which allows us to supply Private Security Contractors from 'Third Country' Military Units including Gurkhas and Sri Lankan Military. The combination of ex NATO security personnel and ex military 'Third Country Nationals' who are combat experienced and operate to NATO standard operational procedures maintains the highest level of professionalism whilst remaining extremely cost effective.

Operational security is also improved by personnel who are not from the area of operations. This is because indigenous security who are part of the local community can be easily compromised by insurgents or criminal gangs, whereas this is unlikely to happen when an external Security Force is deployed.

Nemesis Security Teams have the capability to operate covertly or overtly in any hostile environment giving the highest level of professional protection available.