Training and Instruction

Nemesis provides specialist Training Programmes for clients who wish to improve the professionalism and skills of Military Units, Police/Law Enforcement Units and Private Security Forces.

Nemesis Instructors are Combat Veterans and come from all branches of the Military including Special Forces and Elite Units. Instructional Experience has been gained through training Military Units, Police Units and civilian Security Personnel for many years.

Nemesis Instructors are highly qualified and have the ability to instruct not only in practical environments but also have the ability to create lesson plans and present theory in both lecture and presentation format in a classroom environment.

A Nemesis Consultant will liaise with the client and conduct a 'Training Needs Analysis' to identify the exact subjects which need to be included in the training programme to achieve the required results. A Bespoke training programme will be created and the appropriate Nemesis Training Staff selected to advise on the training area and equipment required then present the Training Programme and achieve the best results.

Should the client wish to construct a Training Complex, Nemesis Combat Engineers have the technical ability and experience to construct Accommodation, Classrooms, Rappelling Towers, Helicopter/Aircraft Mock Ups, Kitchens, Ablutions, Killing Houses, CQB/FIBUA Complexes, Firing Ranges and all other training facilities which are required for the task.

Once the Training Area is constructed, Nemesis Training Managers will administrate all personnel to be trained to ensure the greatest level of efficiency.

Nemesis Instructors will then present the Training Package until its completion to the clients satisfaction.